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Why more people are turning to laser tattoo removal in North London

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If you’ve ever had a tattoo you now regret, you’re certainly not alone. According to numerous surveys, approximately a third of people who have had a tattoo go on to regret it at some point. Perhaps you had the name of an ex-partner written on your arm at a moment when it felt like you’d be together forever? Or, perhaps your design depicts a former club of which you once a member, or interest that now feels dated.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of hasty, spontaneous tattoos we see, all of which represented something meaningful at the time of their application, but may have taken just minutes for the wearer to realise that their embarrassing ink is permanent!

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Thread vein removal in North London to combat ageing

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facial-thread-veinsThere’s a chance you might experience the odd single thread vein in your late thirties, or early forties, particularly if you drink a lot of alcohol, or sunbathe excessively. However, it’s when you reach your late forties and early fifties that thread veins have a tendency to proliferate. These spidery red veins, close to the surface of your skin, affect men and women.

As well as being unsightly, they can also be a tell-tale sign of how old you are, given that they are so frequently an age-related skin condition. It is logical then, that removing thread veins will make you look younger than your years. How many of them you have is often related to your genetics, but luckily our cutting edge thread vein removal techniques will rid you of each of them, one by one.

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Why laser hair removal is more effective than shaving

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laser-hair-removalWould you like to have smooth, hair-free legs, not just for the summer, but for the foreseeable future, eliminating the need to spend long hours of your life shaving? Laser hair removal treatment from our North London clinic reduces hair regrowth by up to 80% after several sessions. This means that it’s not just this summer you’ll enjoy without stubble or shaving rash, but every summer after as well.

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